Portfolio August 2019

This month I did a deposit to Mintos again to make my portfolio grow again a little bit.



I deposited 99,71 Euro to Mintos again this month, trying to make my position a bit better here. Together with 87 Eurocents of interest that brings my account to 148,97 Euro again.


This Month I received more interest again at Housers. I have received 86 Eurocents of interest and had to pay 21 Eurocents tax and commissions. My account is now worth 278,10 Euro.


For the month of August I have received 2,36 Euro interest on Grupeer. Now I have 228,39 Euro on this platform.


For the month of August Envestio paid me 1,60 Euro of interest and that brought my amount on that platform to 107,77 Euro.


In August nothing much happened to my DeGiro account. I did not receive any dividend neither did I make any deposits or purchases. The ETF’s are just steadily growing.

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