Portfolio December 2019

Happy new year all! Here the overview for the last month of last year. I also included the annual interest rates per month when I found it applicable. And they are really nice!



In December I have deposited another 100 Euro to Mintos and this was immediately invested via the “Invest & Access” functionality of Mintos. I have made 1,39 Euro of interest and late payment fees in the month of December. That brings my portfolio on Mintos to 331,32. That is an annual interest rate of 7,25% for this month.


I have not received any money in December yet for my Housers investments. So my portfolio now stays at 203,52 Euro just like last month.


This month I have received 2,43 Euro of interest on Grupeer. That brings my total amount on the platform to 236,88 Euro. That is an annual interest rate of 12,44% for December on Grupeer.


In December I received 1,55 Euro of interest on Envestio. Now I have 114,09 Euro on the platform. That is an annual interest rate of 16,53% for December on Envestio.


I have received dividend for both my iShares S&P 500 ETF as well as my Vanguard VWRL ETFS at DeGiro. This was another 28,52 Euro!

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