Portfolio January 2020

January was a difficult month in peer2peer investing world. Envestio seems to have vanished in thin air and there are no signs as of now that they will return anytime soon. However find this months results below.



I stopped with the invest&access function of Mintos and decided to go back to the auto-invest function only since the interest rates are way higher there. I have made 3,10 Euro of interest and late payment fees in the month of Janary. That brings my portfolio on Mintos to 334,42. That is an annual interest rate of 11,22% for this month. It seems like the change from invest&access to auto-invest pays off already?!


I received 56 Eurocents of interest in Housers in January after taxes, this brings my portfolio value to 202,56 and a yearly interest rate of 3,33% after taxes.


This month I have received 1,64 Euro of interest on Grupeer. That brings my total amount on the platform to 238,52 Euro. That is an annual interest rate of 8,31% for January on Grupeer.


So, Envestio…

It seems like Envestio has disappeared. The website was offline for some days and now even is showing 404’s from Microsoft Azure servers. From what I read on the internet everything points to the fact that everybody’s money is gone. This is a risk for all and everyone investing in Peer2Peer platforms with these high interests. So always spread!

As you all know I didn’t have much money at Envestio, in December I had 114,09 Euro on the platform, now I consider that money gone and take my losses.


I did not receive any dividend and did also not add any more money to my DeGiro account. But the market is going up very quick now so that’s a good thing for my portfolio!

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