Portfolio July 2019

In July I got dividend from my Vanguard ETF’s on DeGiro but also moved some money from Envestio to Mintos. Simply because the money was doing nothing at Envestio and I thought that was a shame.



I deposited 12,08 Euro to Mintos this month that I withdraw from Envestio (see below) and had another friend signup via my link giving me an extra 20 euro. Next to that I have received 2,05 Euro interest this month. My account is now worth 48,38 Euro.


I could copy last months story again for Housers. So, I received 63 Eurocents of interest and had to pay again 15 Eurocents of tax and commission. My Housers account is now worth 277,45 Euro.


In July I received a whopping 3,04 Euro of interest. Now my Grupeer portfolio is worth 226,03.


This month I decided to withdraw some money from Envestio because I could not find a proper way of investing it and decided to move it to Mintos. It was 12,08 Euro. And with an interest payment of 1,55 Euro my Envestio account now is at 106,17 Euro.


It was dividend time again for my Vanguard VWRL ETF’s at DeGiro! I received 24,70 Euro of dividend on my account. With that dividend and the rest of the money I still had at my account I was able to purchase another piece of Vanguard VWRL @ 77,15 Euro. I keep expanding my position here and I am feeling good about this ETF.

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