Portfolio June 2019

I am still selling parts of my portfolio to get some cash to pay my new car. Therefor my Mintos portfolio decreased in size quite dramatically, but I am planning to get it back up again since it’s one of my favorite platforms.



I again received some interest in June even though I was selling more of my loans and have withdrawn more money. I have received 8,90 Euro in interest and have withdrawn 499,90 Euro from Mintos. Next to that I wanted to sell some loans fast because they were defaulting and that had cost me 11,91 Euro. I also received some referral bonus from some friends that signed up via my link. That makes my account now worth a whopping 34,25 Euro.


In June I have received 63 Eurocents of interest and paid 15 Eurocents of tax and commissions over that. That brings my account value now to 276,97 Euro for the Housers platform.


Another month with some cashback and interest on Grupeer. I received 10 Eurocents of cashback and 1,73 Euro of interest. Now I have 222,99 Euro on the Grupeer platform.


This month I got 1,61 Euro interest and that was it. Now my total amount on Envestio is 116,70 Euro.


This month I received 10 Eurocents of dividend for my iShares S&P 500 ETF at DeGiro.

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