Portfolio May 2019

This month I had to sell and withdraw quite some of my peer2peer loans. Because I am getting a new car! I had to free up some extra cash so I didn’t had to tap in too much into my emergency fund. I quite liked how quick I was able to sell most of the loans I had, especially on Mintos. For Housers it took me some more time however.



This month I have received 23,08 Euro of interest on Mintos. But I also started withdrawing money from the platform because I am planning to buy a new car. I started selling quite some of my loans on the second market and have withdrawn 1949,43 Euro from Mintos. This leaves me with 517,17 Euro on the platform at the end of the month. The withdrawing process was very easy by the way!


I also started selling and withdrawing money from Housers this month. I have sold 500 Euros in parts of properties I had and have withdrawn a total of 512,14 Euro. I did also receive 63 eurocents of interest this month and had to pay 15 eurocents of tax and commissions. That brings my account now to 276,49 Euro.


I kept my Grupeer profile for what it was this month. No deposits and no withdrawns. Only receiving interest of 2,74 Euro. Grupeer is now stating 221,16 Euro for me.


Another one of my projects on Envestio was paid back (5 Euro project involvement) and this reduced my interest a little bit. I got now 1,64 Euro this month on interest and the total amount is now 115,09


I did not do any more deposits to DeGiro but I did receive some 28 Eurocents dividend for an old stock I still had. (not really ETF of course, but still)

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