Portfolio October 2019

This October I transferred some money from Housers to Mintos and got some nice dividend payments from my Vanguard VWRL ETF’s at DeGiro!



I deposited 75,53 Euro to Mintos again this month that I got from my Housers portfolio. Together with 1,99 Euro of interest that brings my account to 227,97 Euro.


I was able to sell one more piece of a property for 73 Euro this month and withdrawn 75,53 Euro. This I transferred to Mintos. I did also receive 56 Eurocents of interest and had to pay 17 Eurocents of tax and commissions. My account on Housers is now worth 203,39 Euro. I am planning to sell all my properties on Housers, I see it’s not really that suits me personally. I do however still recommend it if you want to diversify and invest in properties.


I have received 2,88 Euro of interest in October on the Grupeer Peer2Peer platform. My total value there is now 233,06 Euro.


I got 1,55 Euro of interest on the Envestio Peer2Peer platform. Now I have 110,93 Euro over there.


I have received 16,66 Euro of dividend on DeGiro for my Vanguard VWRL ETF’s. The steady growth keeps coming!

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