Portfolio September 2019

September was quite boring money wise. I did not make any new deposits but just saw how my investments were making money for me.



I did not take any action on Mintos this month, I only received 1,48 Euro of interest and that brings my account back to a value of 150,45 Euro.


This month the interest was a bit lower again at 55 Eurocent for Housers. Also the tax and commission was a bit lower with 12 Eurocents. Now my accounts states 278,53 Euro.


In September I got 2,88 Euro of interest on Grupeer. This gives me a total value of 230,18 on the platform.


In September I got 1,61 Euro of interest on the Envestio platform. I now have 109,38 Euro on there.


I have received another 10 Eurocents of dividend for my iShares ETF position on DeGiro. It’s not much but all the money is welcome of course.

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