Portoflio November 2019

This month I didn’t add any money to my portfolios but just received interest over my investments at the different Peer2Peer platforms I am investing in.



This month I did not make a deposit to Mintos but I did of course receive interest. It was 1,95 Euro. This brings my account to the value of 229,93 Euro this month.


In November I received 19 Eurocents over my 2 pieces of properties I still have at Housers. I had to pay 6 Eurocents of tax and commissions and now have 203,52 Euro in my portfolio.


This month I only received 1,29 Euro of interest on Grupeer. Adding that up to last month’s figure I now have 234,35 Euro on the platform.


For November I got 1,61 Euro of interest for Envestio. This gives me a current total of 112,54 Euro.


There was nothing happening in November for my DeGiro account. My ETF’s are simply following the market and currently that is up.

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